Selling your House

The following is a step by step guide to Selling your house.

Here is a very brief overview of the process involved in selling a house in the UK.


Step 1 - Initial Contact with your solicitor

  • Contact your solicitor with your Money Laundering documents and initial payment so that they can open a file.
  • Give the details of your solicitor to the estate agents. They will then send the relevant details to your solicitors.

Step 2 - Give all relevant documents to your solicitor.

  • They will use these to answer enquiries. If you have a mortgage give the details to them so that they can obtain a redemption figure.

Step 3 - Receive paperwork

  • Receive documentation to sign and agree a moving date with all parties.

Step 4 - Moving Day!

  • Money is received from the Buyer's solicitors. Empty the house, read all the utility meters and on the moving day give the key to the estate agents. Receive a call from the solicitors to tell you the money hqs been received! Now your house is sold!