Booking Process

If you think that you will be needing a locum for holiday annual leave cover or maternity cover then let us know as soon as possible so that the bookings can be made to ensure we can provide you cover for the exact dates that you require.

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Payment Process

We have a large number of solicitors requesting cover. To ensure that you are able to have a valued locum ensure that you provide them where possible with some file notes and please ensure that you pay them promptly. This ensures a good client relationship for other locums booked.

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We ensure that we keep up to date with all the necessary training in the conveyancing and property field and keep up the required annual CPD points.

Qualification Certificates and CPD Points


CILEX qualified Chartered Legal Executive in Residential and Commercial Property.

Our Training

We are legally qualified in the UK at the CILEX College of Law to degree level.Completion of all levels of Land Law and Practice Conveyancing.

A highly professional CILEX course that ensures that all qualified Legal Executives attain a high level of both law knowledge and practical application. Our years of practical experience has been carried out in the top 30 UK Law Firms ensuring that best possible practice training is received. Lexus Nexus training has been received and full Money Laundering Regulations training as well as CLS training.

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Practising Fellows of The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives specialise in a particular area of law which means the everyday work of a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer is similar to that of a solicitor. The CILEx website explains 3The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives is the professional association which represents 20,000 trainee and practising Chartered Legal Executives. Our role is to enhance the position and standing of Chartered Legal Executive lawyers in the legal profession. For more than 50 years, we have been offering unparalleled access to a flexible career in law. We work closely with Government and the Ministry of Justice and are recognised in England and Wales as one of the three core approved regulators of the legal profession alongside barristers and solicitors".